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Little Bum Coolers

Pink Dip n Dot Little Bum Cooler.

Pink Dip n Dot Little Bum Cooler.

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A Little Bum Cooler is a handmade car seat cooler designed to keep any size infant, toddler, or booster car seat from reaching temperatures hot enough to burn their little bums! It’s simple to use! Simply insert the recommended ice packs into each of the five pockets, freeze, then place on your child’s car seat when they’re out to keep it nice and cool. Make sure to remove the cooler before placing your child back in!

The cooler is made with an insulated fabric to ensure max cooling time! Up to 6 to 8 hours! In addition, the cooler is fitted with a water-resistant and breathable fabric to reduce the amount of moisture that condensates off the frozen ice packs. Please be aware that when the ice packs are in the freezer, ice can build up on the outside of the

A car seat cooler designed to keep the seat, buckles, and straps from getting hot!

  • Pink Dip N Dot print
  • hand sewn made with a 100% cotton print, industrial insulation, and a protective flannel back
  • fits most child and toddler car seats

Directions: Insert the recommended ice packs into each of the five pockets. Place cooler in freezer. When ready to use, place cooler on an unoccupied car seat.  Remove cooler than place child onto seat, buckling up for safety. 

Recommended Ice packs: Lifoam Freez Pak size small. 

Ice packs not included with purchase but can be found at your local Walmart or online. 

Generation 2 features an industrial insulation to keep the ice packs cool longer and a protective flannel which completely absorbs and blocks condensation, that forms around ice packs during the melting process, from reaching your child’s seat.

ice packs.

**When the ice melts it may cause the cooler and possibly the car seat to feel damp. For those living in humid climates, it may aggragate this affect**

The ice packs are not included with purchase but can easily be found in-store from your local Walmart for the cheap of $0.94 each, Ace Hardware's, dollar stores, or on Amazon by typing in “Lifoam Freez Pak size small.” The pockets are designed to fit 5 reusable ice packs size 6.8 x 3.4 x 1.4.

Along with cooling the car seat, many customers have found other uses for their Little Bum Cooler! Such as cooling their own adult seat, having their pet sit/lay on it at home or in car to cool off, icing an injury, keeping child's lap cool while in a stroller on a walk, etc.

I hope you and your little ones love your Little Bum Cooler!

CARE: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Air dry only.

WARNING: Car seat coolers should only be used when the child is NOT in the seat. Never put a child on top of the car seat cooler.

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