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Little Bum Coolers

Little Doe Bum! Little Bum Cooler.

Little Doe Bum! Little Bum Cooler.

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A car seat cooler designed to keep the seat, buckles, and straps from getting hot!

  • Little Doe Bum print
  • hand sewn made with a 100% cotton print, industrial insulation, and a protective flannel back
  • Recommended age: Infant - 8 years or longer! 
    (I suggest using for infant when you leave their car seat in the car)
  • Pockets are tightly fitted for the recommended ice packs. NO VELCRO. 

Directions: Insert the recommended ice packs into each of the five pockets. Place cooler in freezer. When ready to use, place cooler on an unoccupied car seat.  Remove cooler than place child onto seat, buckling up for safety. 

Recommended Ice packs: Lifoam Freez Pak size small. 

Ice packs are NOT INCLUDED with purchase but can be found for less than $1 at You will need 5 ice packs for each LBC pad. 

Features an industrial insulation to keep the ice packs cool longer and a protective flannel which absorbs and blocks condensation, that forms around ice packs during the melting process, from reaching your child’s seat.

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