Hi friends!!
My name is Jessica and I'm the designer and owner behind Little Bum Coolers.
I'm a mom of 3 in sunny AZ who thought of a solution for the hot car seat problem.
In the scorching June heat of Gilbert, Arizona, back in 2018, I found myself struggling to buckle my toddler into his car seat. With him squirming, screaming, and arching his back against the flaming hot seat, I realized the true extent of the discomfort. It wasn't just the heat inside the car; the buckles themselves were scalding!
After that traumatic ordeal, I couldn't shake the thought: How do other parents handle this? Is there a solution to prevent these burns and keep the car seat cool?
Thus, from a few fiery car seat mishaps and a whole lot of curiosity, Little Bum Coolers was born.
Starting as a small endeavor, I began sewing car seat coolers by hand and sharing my original design in local Facebook groups. What began as local pickups soon evolved into nationwide shipping! The demand for car seat coolers exceeds my expectations each summer.
But success didn't come without its share of setbacks. From fabric fails to countless experiments, each failure was a lesson learned. And through perseverance and determination, I crafted a design featuring insulated pockets for maximum coolness and a special water-absorbing fabric to keep seats dry. Handles were added for the busy mom on the go, and Velcro ensured those precious ice packs stayed put. This design is now made in a factory, so I can focus on growing my small business.
At Little Bum Coolers, we’re passionate about bringing smiles to families everywhere. Join us on our mission to keep bums cool and spirits high, because when it comes to beating the heat, we've got you covered!