Protecting little bums from hot car seats since 2017

Little Bum Coolers to the rescue!

"That's Nice"

Make your child smile this summer with a Little Bum Cooler!

Little Bum Coolers are literally a game changer! The seat stays cool while your out doing errands or whatever. Summer suck at times and this helps eliminate a tantrum caused by the heat.

Miss Cyncyn

I have 2 of these car seat coolers and they are life changing if you have kids and live in AZ and cant afford push start on your car. You ARE SO GOOD Little Bum Coolers!


Came out to our car after a couple hours in the mall and the kids’ seats were ice cold thanks to #littlebumcoolers!


We got ours and used it for the first time today!! Amazing!!From one AZ mama to another, THANK YOU!


These Little Bum Coolers are a must have in AZ! Lifesaver today! And I love that she’s a local mama owned business!


Our friends bought us 2 of these for our girls and I have so much more peace of mind knowing I can make their seat cooler quicker. Great, GREAT Quality! Brilliant idea!